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Elderflower Syrup - Gourmet Sauvage

Elderflower Syrup - Gourmet Sauvage

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This syrup is made from white elder flower. These are tniy flowers that grow in elegant umbels that can be seens from afar during the flowering period. This handcrafted syrup has a light amber color and a very fragrant nose. Its fresh lemon, litchis and honey aromas will add a floral flavor to your favorite cocktails or desserts.

Hand-picked, vegan, no gluten, no GMO, Made in Quebec.

Gourmet Sauvage’s syrups and essences are made from the best hand-picked ingredients from forests all over the province. Each flavour is the reflect of its region and allows you to create recipes filled with scents and senses. 

Cocktail Ideas :

  • Elderflower punch
  • Elderflower Gin Tonic