Thanks to our partners we offer you a tailor-made personalization service in
several techniques; laser engravings, sandblasting and even hand printing
the ink baked on the glass.

Whether it is to allow you, for example, to better
control your costs with a single line calibration indicating precise dosage or
your logo on the goblet or under the stem of a wine glass, your logo on a pull
cork, a carafe, a champagne saber, in short a host of possibilities for you
stand out is available to you at Vinum.

Engraving service

The precision of the engraving

Imagine an artisanal process where glass becomes a living canvas. Glass engraving is like carving designs onto a glass surface using specialized tools.

This creates raised or debossed designs that provide a unique texture and feel. This adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your personalized items for special occasions.

Printing service

The art of printing

Glass printing is like painting dreams on a transparent surface. You can choose from an endless palette of colors to create vibrant and detailed designs.

It's ideal for personalizing your products by adding an artistic touch to your decanters or transforming your glasses into functional works of art.

Printing allows you to express your unique lifestyle elegantly.

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