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Yuzu Syrup - Prosyro

Yuzu Syrup - Prosyro

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Yuzu Prosyro syrup, the king of Asian fruit bottled for you!

This tasty yuzu syrup has very refreshing floral and citrus notes. Tart and light, add Prosyrop yuzu to fresh water, lemonades, desserts or a fruit salad.

Made with care in Canada

340ml / 12oz

These excellent rich syrups are made from cane sugar and have a perfectly calibrated ph level. Thus they remain stable at room temperature, even when opened. They do not require refrigeration. They are homogeneous, stable and filtered, to ensure their consistency. with a wide range of flavors to explore, you'll be sure to find a syrup that's right for you. These simple and precise flavors are ideal for professionals and amateurs.