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Wine Cellar Oxygen 230 bottles- ArteVino

Wine Cellar Oxygen 230 bottles- ArteVino

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The ArteVino brand belongs to the Eurocave group, the only French company to manufacture all its wine cellars. ArteVino is the assurance of quality, high-performance products with a modern, innovative design.

The Oxygen range: a level of quality and functionality essential to the preservation and ageing of your wines.

Model: OXG1T230NVD

  • Aging cellar
  • 230 bottles
  • Flush-mounted
  • Glass door
  • 1 temperature zone
  • 10 racks included: sliding and/or stacking

Stable, precise and homogeneous temperature thanks to the cellar's insulation, control technology and aluminum lining.

Hygrometry between 65% and 80% ensured by the structure of the cellar and its cooling and air renewal system.

Air circulation ensured by the cellar's natural ventilation system, induced by its structure.

Absence of vibration is ensured by the cellar structure: the slow-cycle compressor is mounted on silentblocs and the evaporator is embedded in high-density polyurethane foam.

Maximum protection against U.V. rays thanks to our double-glazed door, reinforced with Argon gas. Filters out 97% of U.V. rays.

Superior insulation with R600 gas.

*750ml Bordeaux-type bottles in standard configuration.

**To make it easier to integrate your cellar when installing the appliance in a recessed position, we recommend a slight clearance around the appliance (see file in the Documentation tab).


  • Silver-framed glass door, handle integrated into door frame
  • Argon gas-reinforced double-glazed door filters up to 97% of U.V. rays.
  • Lock
  • Reversible door
  • 2 adjustable feet
  • Label board for bottle identification
  • Electronic regulation from 9°C to 15°C; a single, uniform temperature throughout the cellar
  • Electronic display, red-lit LED screen
  • Visual alarms in case of malfunction: probe fault, temperature fault and humidity fault
  • Cellar temperature display
  • Automatic winter function

2-year warranty - parts and labor

  • Weight 104 kg / 229.32 lb
  • Dimensions 68 × 69 × 182.5 cm (W x D x H) / 26.77 x 27.17 x 71.85 po (W x D x H)