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Wine cellar Cooling Unit WhisperKool - SC PRO 3000

Wine cellar Cooling Unit WhisperKool - SC PRO 3000

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Wine cellar Cooling Unit WhisperKool - SC PRO 3000

  • Cooling capacity of 650 cu. ft.
  • Digital control display
  • Advanced electronic temperature control
  • Dynamic airflow
  • Liquid bottle probe
  • Alarm in case of significant temperature changes
  • Through-the-wall installation, partially ducted
  • Up to 30°F/16°C  temperature differential
  • Option vent available

Consult PDF for more information.

Continuous amperage: 4,2
Warranty: 2 years parts and labor, 5 years compressor


The SC Series come in 5 models that effectively cool a 300 to 2000 cu. ft. properly insulated environment. Designed for simple through-the-wall installation, the unit fits between standard wall studs and a single piece mounting bracket eliminates the need for a support shelf. The SC has a 30°F temperature differential. In order to keep your cellar at 55°F, the area the unit exhausts into should not exceed 85°F.

Self Contained systems are the most economical and easiest to install. They are designed to mount between the studs of an existing wall, and they do not require a licensed HVAC/R installation technician. One end of the system blows cool air in to the cellar, and the other end absorbs heat from the cellar and exhausts the heat into an area adjacent to the cellar. Self-contained units will make more noise than a split or ducted system.

Climatiseur de cave à vin - Installation murale




  • Weight 29.55 kg / 65.16 lb
  • Dimensions 36.2 × 44.45 × 40.01 cm (W x D x H) / 14.25 x 17.5 x 15.75 po (W x D x H)