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Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Slimline LS- WhisperKOOL

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Slimline LS- WhisperKOOL

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The new Slimline LS has evolved into a unit that can cool at two capacities at the flip of a switch. We have added centrifugal blowers, which are significantly quieter and can also be set at a medium or low speed, larger coils for greater system capacity, and an improved condensate management system. The controller has been moved to the condenser side of the unit for easy access. We offer a UV light upgrade to protect your unit from mold and an interchangeable decorative grille to customize the look of your luxury system.


Key Features

Through-the-wall installation

  • Condensate evaporator
  • Two-speed fan switch
  • Up to 45% more capacity
  • UV light upgrade
  • Customizable front panel
  • Strategic relocation of internal components
  • Liquid temperature measuring bottle probe
  • Can be mounted above a door
  • 30°F temperature differential


  • Weight 36.74 kg / 81.01 lb
  • Dimensions 54.61 × 56.29 × 26.24 cm (W x D x H) / 21.5 x 22.16 x 10.33 po (W x D x H)