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Wine Cellar Cooling Unit KoolR Magnum - Vintage Keeper

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit KoolR Magnum - Vintage Keeper

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Wine cellar cooling unit  for a volume up to  20m3/600 cubic feet) Requires 110v/15amp (wall insulation at R22 minimum, does not adapt to glass spaces)

The SMARTER way to protect your wine with the KoolR and KoolR Plus Systems. Conveniently monitor temperatures outside your wine cellar with our lighted display. Let our super smart controls sense conditions in your room and adjust the power levels automatically.  Sleek silver grille to streamline any install. Our unit will run as quietly as your conditions allow. Precise temperature and higher humidity levels.

Dimensions : 39cm X 41.5cm X 24.5cm / 15.5p X 16.25p X 9.5p


See the folder Documentation for the installation dimensions

  • Weight 16.78 kg / 37 lb
  • Dimensions 39 × 41.5 × 24.5 cm (W x D x H) / 15.35 x 16.34 x 9.65 po (W x D x H)