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Wine Cabinet LA PREMIERE L 177 bottles - Eurocave

Wine Cabinet LA PREMIERE L 177 bottles - Eurocave

The La Première collection allows you to store your wines in an ideal environment thanks to Eurocave technology

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Aging cellar from Eurocave's LA PREMIERE collection, model L for 177 bottles. Multi-temperature also available.


  • On/off button
  • Electronic control
  • Interior display and adjustment
  • Control range from 6 to 18°C (setpoint 12°C)
  • Circulation fan
  • LED display with touch-sensitive buttons
  • Visual and audible alarm
  • Reversible solid or glass door
  • White interior lighting
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Humidity box (clay beads)
  • Adjustable front feet
  • Lock
  • 11 racks (8 ACMS sliding, 3 AXUH storage) OR 14 sliding racks
  • Total capacity: 177 bottles (traditional Bordeaux)
  • Sliding rack capacity: 12 bottles

2-year parts and labor warranty, 5-year compressor warranty

The 6 advantages of Eurocave to ensure your wine ages well, Eurocave respects the requirements of your best vintages:

Constant temperature

The EuroCave thermal regulation system. This Twin Process system features a dual hot/cold circuit. It recreates the specific climate of the best natural cellars. Thanks to precision sensors, Twin Process acts in real time to correct any temperature fluctuations. As a result, a constant temperature of between 10° and 14°C is maintained in the cellar, whatever the external environment (from 0° to 35°C).

Adapted humidity

A controlled, even humidity level. Thanks to the Hygro+ and NeoFresh systems, Eurocave ensures a humidity level of over 50% in your aging cellars, to prevent your corks from drying out and, consequently, the irreparable oxidation of your bottles. What's more, EuroCave cellars are the only ones to feature an automatic humidity display and warning system.

Adapted thermal insulation

Cellular insulation against external aggression. Insulation combined with thick walls (5 cm) form a double thermal barrier that provides optimum protection against temperature variations. This insulation is essential, as it prevents temperature fluctuations and limits power consumption. EuroCave insulation provides protection equivalent to almost 2 meters of earth, just like in a real natural cellar.

Permanent ventilation

The window well effect. EuroCave cellars benefit from a "window well effect" ventilation system, making them very similar to natural cellar ventilation. Air circulates through 2 openings at the top and bottom of the cellar. Air enters through the top opening, which is fitted with a charcoal filter to purify the air and prevent the intrusion of unpleasant odors. What's more, the constant renewal of air prevents mold in your cellar.

An anti-vibration system

Protection against premature aging. Vibration disrupts the wine's evolutionary process. Eurocave's VES (Vibration Exclusion System) gives your cellar an anti-vibration barrier with several levels of protection. The cellar's compressor is disconnected from the cabinet, preventing the transmission of vibrations. In addition, the shelves are equipped with several shock absorbers. As for the feet of your wine cellar, they offer perfect stability.

Storage capacity

Dedicated storage for bottles of wine. EuroCave cellars are specifically designed to hold bottles of wine, unlike other household appliance cellars. Storage is double-deep stacked (head to tail), with bottles perfectly secured in specially designed spaces. A steel frame and stiffener reinforce the structure of the cellar, enabling it to support the weight of the bottles without deforming the cabinet.

  • Poids 81 kg / 178.61 lb
  • Dimensions 680 × 720 × 1825cm (LxPxH) / 267.72 x 283.46 x 718.50po (LxPxH)
  • Specification sheet- 8 sliding + 3 fixed shelves Download
  • Specification sheet- 14 sliding shelves Download
  • Fiche technique- 14 clayettes coulissantes Download
  • Fiche technique- 8 clayettes coulissantes et 3 fixes Download
  • Shémas d'encastrement / Flush Fitting Diagrams Download