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Set of 4 Coupettes- Spiegelau

Set of 4 Coupettes- Spiegelau

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The Coupette is designed for drinks that include a small juice content or mixer as well as alcohol. The phrase Coupette originates from the French “coupe”, which means bowl or goblet. Blocked ice is not normally used in this glass, though it is also popular for frozen drinks where ingredients are mixed in a blender with ice and served as a sorbet-like mass.


The Style series by SPIEGELAU is the sleek choice for any occasion: they’ve simply got style.


This collection mixes elegance with modern aesthetics. With a range of practical shapes for wine, cocktails or non-alcoholic drinks, set your table with class and confidence with Style by SPIEGELAU.


Machine-made and dishwasher safe.

This pack contains 4 pieces.

  • Dimensions 17 x x cm (L x P x H) / 6.69 x 0 x 0 po (L x P x H)