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Original Aerator - Aveine

Original Aerator - Aveine

The Aveine Original aerator instantly reproduces the effects of up to 24 hours of aeration

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The Original Aveine aerator is the top-of-the-range model in the series. As easy to use as the Essentiel model, it allows you to aerate your wine over a longer period of time. With aeration ranging from 1 hour to 24 hours instantaneously, it offers you more possibilities when tasting your wine.

Instant aeration:
No need to wait for perfect aeration: the Aveine aerator acts instantly on your wines as they pass through the device when you pour.

Professional precision:
Thanks to our patented technology, aeration is precise and reproducible. Select the number of hours of aeration your wine deserves, and we'll inject the right amount of oxygen.

Refilling made easy:
With Aveine, there's no need for oxygen capsules or chemicals! Our aerator is powered by air pumps that use natural ambient air. Just plug it in and recharge.