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Modulo X 96 Bottles Holders - Eurocave

Modulo X 96 Bottles Holders - Eurocave

Whatever the room you want to decorate, we'll find the right solution to bring your passion to life.

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Whether directly in your natural cellar or in a dedicated air-conditioned room, the Modulo-X storage system opens the way to the design and integration of a tailor-made wine cellar into your interior.

Modulo-X gives you complete design freedom that adapts to your wine collection and your space. Sober and light, the aluminum structure allows all arrangements for wall or ceiling mounting (up to 3.40m).

Unlimited possibilities are available to you. Your wine wall can be designed linear, corner or island depending on the configuration of the room to be fitted out.
With integrated backlighting over the entire height of the installation and a cleverly arranged bottle presentation, Modulo-X is used to showcase your wines.

Features :

  • Structure in anodized aluminum, powder-coated black
  • Bottle supports in painted steel, black epoxy
  • Fixed tops in black melanized wood, 19 mm thick
  • Resists up to 300 kg, between 2 uprights
  • LED strips
  • Hand of the sommelier
  • Capacity of 96 bottles (burgundy type)
  • Wall or ceiling mounting

Parts included in this build:

2x MX-1100-FOOT
2x MX-1100-TELESC
1x MX-T750
16x MX-PARAL-750

2x MX-1100-FOOT
2x MX-500
2x MX-600-ANGLE
1x MX-T750
16x MX-PARAL-750

*Remote control, power supply and other accessories not included