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Le Nez de l'Armagnac- 12 aromas

Le Nez de l'Armagnac- 12 aromas

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Hone your senses to the secrets of Armagnac: from the subtle aroma of linden characteristic of brandy flowing from the still to the aromatic palette provided by long aging in wood, 12 notes that punctuate and tell the story of the life of Armagnac, from the prime of youth to full maturity.

An invitation to enter the enticing world of France’s oldest brandy, rich with 700 years of tradition!


Le Nez de l’Armagnac 12 aromas: linden, honey, pear, quince, prune, candied orange, walnut, leather, oak, vanilla, pepper, cocoa.


Carmine red cloth-bound display box, size: 172 x 247 x 35 mm, weight: 700 g.


  • Weight 0.7 kg / 1.54 lb
  • Dimensions 17.2 × 24.7 × 3.5 cm (W x D x H) / 6.77 x 9.72 x 1.38 po (W x D x H)