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Hancrafted cola syrup - 3/4 oz

Hancrafted cola syrup - 3/4 oz

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Cola Maison is prepared in Montreal in small batches. It is made with citrus and spiced organic essential oils, which gives it a herbal flavour and delicate acidity.

Cola Maison is a syrup concentrate that is to be mixed with sparkling water. A bottle makes up to 25 drinks.


In a glass with ice cubes, add:
+ 3/4 oz of Cola Maison
+ 1 1/4 oz of your favorite rhum/rye/bourbon/whisky
+ 2 to 3 oz of neutral sparkling water
Stir gently and enjoy!

Refrigerate after opening.

3/4 oz. is a young company based in Montreal that produces, distributes and sells high-end concentrates for cocktail enthusiasts. An alternative to commercial products, their syrups offer a refined, healthier and original taste for your cocktails.

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