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Go-Sip straw kit - Final Touch

Go-Sip straw kit - Final Touch

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Go-Sip straw kit, by Final Touch.

This straw kit is the eco-friendly and healthy alternative to the usage of plastic straws. Brin your Go-Sip kit everywhere with its convenient case easy to store in a pocket, a bag or a purse.

With 3 adjustable lengths and the cleaning brush, this all-in-one kit is perfect for traveling, picnics and even restaurants. The connectors also double up as soft sip tips.

3  lengths : 

  • 4,5 po. (11,4 mm)
  • 6 po. (15,2 mm)
  • 10,5 po. (26.7 mm)

Dishawasher safe, reusable, BPA free and eco-friendly.