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Floor To Ceiling Frame - Ultra Wine Racks

Floor To Ceiling Frame - Ultra Wine Racks

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The Ultra ST wall rail is a modern, easy-to-DIY wall-mounted bottle rack. Rails come in a variety of options and the design possibilities are endless. Once you have completed your installation, you can sit back, drink a nice glass of wine, and enjoy your one-of-a-kind wall display.

Store your bottles safely in one place.

The set includes a steel frame and horizontal shelving (7 feet vertical height for each side).
The two-sided racking system can hold up to 84 bottles.
Designed for ceilings up to 10 feet
Intended for use with Ultra HZ rails (single, double and triple depth storage options)

Our 100% recycled rubber O-rings act as super clips to secure your bottles to wine racks.

We offer wine racks that can hold one, two or three bottles on each pair of stakes.