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Fassionala Ruby Syrup - Prosyro

Fassionala Ruby Syrup - Prosyro

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Fassionola ruby ​​syrup from Prosyro, the must-have syrup for tiki buffs!

Passion fruit, raspberry, mango, grapefruit, strawberry, pomegranate and hibiscus are waiting for you. You have a real concentrate of fruity flavors! Ruby fassionola syrup, from the 1950s, is the jewel of Prosyrop. It’s the perfect ingredient for making the iconic Hurricane cocktail. As delicious to flavor sparkling water or sparkling wine, it is also delicious in Daiquiris. Besides, it goes very well with rum, gin and vodka!

  • Made with care in Canada
  • 340ml / 12oz

These excellent rich syrups are made from cane sugar and have a perfectly calibrated ph level. Thus, they remain stable at room temperature, even when opened. They don't require refrigeration. They are homogeneous, stable and filtered, to ensure their consistency. With a wide range of flavors to explore, you'll be sure to find a syrup that's right for you. These simple and precise flavors are ideal for professionals and amateurs.