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Desire Burgundy Wine Glass - Toyo Sasaki

Desire Burgundy Wine Glass - Toyo Sasaki

Burgundy glass 100% made in Japan. Highly impact-resistant

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Toyo Sasaki was founded in 1878. To be admitted by the Prefectural Association of Certified Traditional Japanese Master Craftsmen, each master craftsman within the company must have at least 15 years' experience in glassmaking. This association honors outstanding craftsmen for their skill and expertise in traditional Japanese craftsmanship.

Toyo Sasaki's glass products are exclusive and durable. Their series have been used in the catering industry for over 40 years, and some have won the prestigious Good Design Award. The quality and sturdiness of the glasses make them suitable not only for catering establishments, but also for domestic use.

Height: 23 cm / 9 inches
Width: 7 cm / 2.75 inches