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Cardamom Bitters - The Bitter Housewife

Cardamom Bitters - The Bitter Housewife

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These surprisingly savory bitters lead a duplicitous life adding depth to sweeter drinks based on apple, pear, or orange, but also blending right in with the smoky characteristics of an anejo tequila or scotch.

The Bitter Housewife bitters are small-batch, hand crafted cocktail bitters made in Portland, Oregon. Each flavor is made with all real ingredients, never extracts or flavorings, to make cocktails better.

RECIPES (from The Bitter Housewife)

Red Zinger - 1.5 oz Aria Gin - 1 oz Cranberry Juice - 1 tbsp Hibiscus Lavender Syrup - 1 tsp The Bitter Housewife Cardamom Bitters - 1 oz soda water Pour gin, cranberry juice, syrup, and bitters into a collins glass. Add ice, top with soda and stir. Pear Manhattan - 1.5 oz bourbon - 1.5 oz pear nectar - 0.5 oz sweet vermouth - 0.5 tsp sugar - 1 tsp The Bitter Housewife Cardamom Bitters Stir all ingredients in a mixing glass filled with ice cubes, strain into chilled cocktail glass, garnish with a pear slice. Marrakesh - 1.5 oz. reposado tequila - 1 tsp orange flower water - 1 tsp The Bitter Housewife Cardamom Bitters - 1 tsp simple syrup - Orange wedge Muddle orange wedge, orange flower water, simply syrup and bitters in an old fashioned glass. Pour in tequila add ice, stir and enjoy!
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