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Amadeo Performance Decanter - Riedel

Amadeo Performance Decanter - Riedel

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The Amadeo Performance decanter was introduced to complement the Riedel Performance series. With this iconic shape reimagined in optical blown glass, this decanter features a colourful line in the collection's signature bright green.

The Amadeo was launched in 2006 to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Riedel. Effortless and pleasurable to use, the Amadeo decanter is a reminder that functional objects can be works of art. This decanter is designed for a single bottle of wine.

Crystal decanter, mouth blown and handmade.

Hand cleaning only, Riedel recommends using cleaning beads to remove stains from the decanter.


  • Weight 1.3 kg / 2.87 lb
  • Dimensions 33.78 × 30.86 × 46.22 cm (W x D x H) / 13.3 x 12.15 x 18.2 po (W x D x H)