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Set of 2 Black Whisky Glasses - Norlan

Set of 2 Black Whisky Glasses - Norlan

Made entirely by hand from lightweight borosilicate glass, the design combines a scientifically efficient interior with an aesthetically beautiful exterior

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The double-walled Norlan whisky glass has been designed to capture the unique flavors and aromas of whisky and convey them to the senses like never before.

Conceived in 2015 by co-founder Sruli Recht, the glass was refined with the help of legendary master distiller Jim McEwan on the Isle of Islay in Scotland. Since its release, almost ½ million Norlan whisky glasses have been sold worldwide, with the glass consistently ranking in online surveys as one of the best whisky glasses to buy.

95 mm H, 82 mm W

175 ml to rim.
Recommended pouring 20 to 40 ml.

125 grams (it's very light)