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Wooden Wine Decanter - Vinum Design

Wooden Wine Decanter - Vinum Design

An indispensable artisanal tool for your great ageing wines.

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This wine decanter is made in Quebec City by a woodworking artisan. Entirely handcrafted from oak, this device is used to decant old wines into a carafe to prevent deposits or lees formed during aging from getting into the glass, resulting in cloudy wine.

When the wine is gently decanted, a small light placed on the shoulders of the bottle shows that the liquid is still clear and limpid. The bottle to be decanted should be left standing for 24 to 48 hours before decanting, to ensure that all deposits remain in the bottom of the bottle.

The decanter can also be used to decant young wines to aerate them. The Vinum decanter is produced exclusively for Vinum Design.

Dimensions :

  • Length 12 inches
  • Height 12 inches
  • Width 6 inches