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Model Timeless 3+ Wine System - Coravin

Model Timeless 3+ Wine System - Coravin

The 3+ model revolutionizes fine wine tasting by allowing a glass to be served without removing the cork, thus preserving the quality of the bottle for future tastings.

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The Coravin system is a revolutionary new technology for the appreciation of fine wines. Now wine lovers can enjoy virtually any wine in their collection, one glass at a time. Choose your bottle, then serve yourself using the patented Coravin technology, then return the bottle to your cellar until the next time. The Coravin system is ingeniously simple to use. Enjoy and share without removing the cork!

The Model 3+ is the entry-level wine preservation system. Featuring a molded design in neutral tones and supplied with the main accessories, it's the ideal model for discovering Coravin wine preservation systems.

Set contents:

  • Timeless + wine preservation system (1)
  • Coravin Pure argon capsule (2)
  • Screw cap (2)
  • Coravin aerator (1)
  • Needle cleaning rod (1)
  • Bottle handle (1)

The Coravin system is the ideal tool for restaurateurs who want to offer a unique selection of wines by the glass: 

  • Serve your finest wines and increase your sales, glass after glass.
  • Create vertical selections and tastings of your best wines for your guests to enjoy.
  • Offer "half-bottles" on your menu to satisfy even the most selective palates.
  • Serve any magnum from around the world and offer a unique experience at table or bar.
  • Match dishes and wines with your guests to offer a unique taste experience.

The Coravin system is also a real asset to promotional agents, offering your customers the luxury of being able to "taste before they buy" :

  • Make the most of your sample budget by minimizing losses, as opened bottles keep much longer than with other preservation systems.
  • Educate your customers by serving them samples of several crus, vintages or regions.
  • Give them the chance to taste before they buy.
  • Instantly personalize your tastings to suit your customers.