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L'Iroquois Corkscrew Colors - Ligne W

L'Iroquois Corkscrew Colors - Ligne W

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L'Iroquois corkscrew, by Ligne W.

This French corkscrew actually holds its name from a Canadian ! This man mentioned to the creators at Ligne W that the corkscrew recalled an Iroquois silhouette. The name Iroquois was undeniable when they realized it also recalled the character of the Native : 

  • It is agile, thanks to its double lever system and Teflon rod;
  • It is robust, thanks to its stainless steel body;
  • It respects nature, with his vegetable starch handle;
  • It is colorful, with its 12 colors.

Ligne W is a French brand established since 2008. The creators know how to distinguish their products by creating a true signature to each of them, in line with the unique personalities of wine enthousiast all over the globe. The brand is simple and effective with the Essentiel, colorful and green with the Iroquois, sensual with the W, classic with the Origin and noble with Origine Prestige.