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Boreal-hop tonic syrup - KWE

Boreal-hop tonic syrup - KWE

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The boreal forest in a bottle, nothing less! This forester tonic syrup is flavored with aged spruce, myrica gale, and cascade and mosaic hop. Bitter, fruity, floral and herbaceous all at once. This boreal tonic could be IPA's little cousin!

INGREDIENTS: Water, sugar, lime, hop, citric acid, quinine, natural essences.


Boreal Gin tonic
1 oz gin KM 12 (also good with Thuya gin from Fils du Roy distillery)
1 oz KWE Boreal tonic syrup

Pour everything in a rock glass, mix, and drink!

La courbe douce
1 oz Poire William
1 oz KWE Boreal tonic syrup

Serve all the ingredients on ice in a small nosing glass. Top with soda.

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