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Le Subtil Wine Glasses - Sydonios

Le Subtil Wine Glasses - Sydonios

VINUM EXCLUSIVITY - Le Subtil glasses are ideal for finely structured red wines.

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The elegance of this glass lies in the contrast between its impressive bowl and its narrow rim. This is what enables it to perfectly convey the characteristics of finely structured red wines, concentrating their most delicate aromas. With a diameter of 128 mm and a thickness of just under a millimeter, this glass is perfectly proportioned to accommodate the finest wines.

Features :

  • Lead-free crystal
  • Mouth-blown
  • Height: 222 mm
  • Width: 128 mm
  • Capacity: 860 ml
  • Sets of 2 or 6 glasses

The result of an unprecedented scientific project involving over 100 professionals from the world of fine wines, Sydonios glasses and decanters are unique in their finesse and extreme lightness.