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Superleggero Chardonnay Glass - Riedel

Superleggero Chardonnay Glass - Riedel

The Chardonnay glass is perfect for allowing white wines to express their freshness and spiciness, while still feeling their minerality

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This glass is specially designed for Chardonnay, highlighting its low acidity, mouth-filling alcohol and rich aromas, while revealing the wine's velvety, fruity structure, with a long, balanced finish.

RIEDEL Superleggero glasses are top-of-the-range tools designed to enhance wine appreciation, reinforcing RIEDEL's reputation as a pioneer in this field. Mechanically manufactured, they guarantee perfect precision of bowl and stem diameter, consistent quality, and are the largest, thinnest and lightest ever machine-produced, while offering the look and feel of a hand-blown glass. Each glass is marked with a specific code in the center of its base to identify the corresponding grape variety.

  • This item is premium machine-made
  • "PREMIUM" at RIEDEL means machine-blown.
  • This item is dishwasher safe