Un bartender met un glaçon rond transparent dans un verre à cocktail

How to Make Clear Ice Cubes

You've imagined the perfect cocktail for your guests. There are beautiful colors and harmonious aromas, all served in refined glasses. The only flaw is that the whitish and imperfect ice cubes do not enrich your beverage to its true perfection. Making the perfect crystal-clear ice cube is within your reach.

Here are 3 methods from professionals on how to make clear ice cubes.

1. Boil water to make clear ice cubes

Boiling water to obtain clear ice cubes may seem counterproductive, but this trick is highly effective.

It is the impurities present in the water that give the ice cubes their opacity and whitish color. Invisible in the liquid state, these small impurities appear when the water solidifies. It is necessary to boil water to make these imperfections disappear.

You will need: an ice cube tray or mold (choose a silicone round ice cube tray for a stylish effect), plastic wrap, a pot or kettle and a freezer. You can also get demineralized water for a better result, but it is not necessary. To make crystal clear ice, follow these steps:

  • Bring the water to a boil and then let it cool
  • Once the water has cooled, bring it back to a boil and let it cool down again
  • Place the water in your ice cube tray
  • Cover your tray with plastic wrap to prevent air from getting into the water
  • Let your ice cubes harden for at least two hours

Once the ice cubes have solidified, run a stream of water over them to defrost their face. This will give you crystal clear ice cubes. Note that results may vary depending on the composition of the water you use, the size of the molds used and your freezer.

Un bartender met un glaçon rond transparent dans un verre à cocktail.

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2. Making clear ice cubes with a mini cooler

If you want crystal clear ice cubes, another method is to slow down the freezing speed of your ice by using a small, insulated cooler and a freezer. Here are the steps when using a mini cooler and a freezer:

  • Arrange the empty ice cube molds in a clean small cooler
  • Fill the cooler with water until the mold is submerged
  • Remove or open the lid of the cooler and place it into the freezer
  • Wait until the entire block of ice is frozen and place that in a clean bowl
  • Let it sit for about an hour and then use a saw knife to gently make cuts in the block around the molded cubes
  • Gently tap the back of the knife with a mallet to crack the ice and dislodge your molds
  • Once the molds are out, remove the ice cubes

This second method is relatively more complex than the first method. This way has the benefits of giving an almost impeccable result!

3. Making clear ice cubes with a special mold

This third method of making clear ice cubes is by far the easiest and fastest. All you need to do is purchase a clear ice cube mold from a bar accessory store like Vinum Design.

This type of ice cube tray is a mold and is identical to the technique of submerging a tray in a cooler. Once frozen, the ice cubes are ready to use.

You can also buy a clear ice maker for ease of perfecting your mixology. These machines are an investment of several hundreds of dollars.

Moule a glacons sphères Clear Ice Tovolo

Tovolo’s Sphere Clear Ice Molds

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