Spiced 94 non-alcoholic spirits – Seedlip

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Brand Seedlip

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The world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirits! An aromatic blend of distilles spices, citrus peels and barks.

Le premier spiritueux distillé non alcoolisé au monde! Un mélange aromatique complexe d’écorces, d’épices, et de pelures d’agrumes.

PLANTS: All Spice, Cardamom, Oak, Lemon, Grapefruit, Cascarilla

SERVE: Indian Tonic Water & a Red Grapefruit Twist

WHY 94? In 1494 Christopher Columbus discovered All Spice Berries in Jamaica where they are exclusively sourced from for this blend

Discover also : Seedlip Garden 108 & Seedlip Grove 42.

750ml bottle. Product of the UK.

Non alcoholic, sugar free, sweetener free, no artificial flavours.

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750 ml / 26 1/2 oz

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