Rasberry syrup – Prosyro

Model: 10928

Brand Prosyro

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Prosyro raspberry syrup, you no longer have to wait for summer to appreciate the good taste of a fresh raspberry!

Delicious for flavoring carbonated water or a sparkling wine, this syrup will leave you with a rich and balanced taste on the palate. Very expressive, you will have the impression of bitting into a ripe raspberry with each sip.

  • Made with care in Canada
  • 340ml / 12oz

These excellent rich syrups are made from cane sugar and have a perfectly calibrated ph level. Thus they remain stable at room temperature, even when opened. They do not require refrigeration. They are homogeneous, stable and filtered, to ensure their consistency. With a wide range of flavors to explore, you’ll be sure to find a syrup that’s right for you. These simple and precise flavors are ideal for professionals and amateurs.

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