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"Our teams are trained for every craft and whether it is for designing and building your cellar from scratch or for renovating an existing cellar."


For over 20 years, Vinum Design has conducted numerous wine cellar design and construction in main and second homes, condominiums, but also for great restaurants with renowned cellars! Our teams are trained for every craft and whether it is for designing and building your cellar from scratch or for renovating an existing cellar by reviewing electricity, plumbing, plastering, masonry, painting, air conditioning and even the complete development, Vinum Espace Cave can fulfill your needs and meet your deadlines. can achieve your entire cellar, from conception to completion.


We only use quality materials in the construction of our wine cellars. The wall insulation should be between R20 and R30. Thus, urethane proves to be an excellent choice of material. The most commonly used coating is a waterproof gypsum
(used in bathrooms). You can also opt for the decorative stone or natural stone, which are excellent choices. In addition, a well installed vapor barrier is necessary to maintain an appropriate level of humidity. Finally, the paint must be made from latex and anti-mildew. Dark colors are preferred to bring out the sparkle of wine racks.


From modular lockers to custom lockers, Vinum offers solutions for all tastes and budgets. We offer 6 collections of racks available in over 10 wood species and 4 choices of finishes, enough to satisfy your wildest dreams! In addition, all our products are certified to comply to the standards of wine preservation.
Woods, steel and plexiglass , Brasilian mahogany, Philippine mahogany, rustic alder, red cedar, cherry, red or white oak, maple, walnut, pine, padauk, etc…


Natural, painted, dyed, hammered …


The air conditioner of a wine cellar is the centerpiece.
It allows you to maintain the ideal temperature for storing your wines.

At Vinum Espace Cave, we hold a selection of the best brands available for all types and sizes of wine cellars.

Customized Solutions

NeoFresh R Kool – Kool Whisper – Vintage Keeper

Gravity system – forced air system


Vinum Espace Cave offers the largest selection of wine cellar doors in a variety of colors and finishes, of wine cabinets for your apartment or your house (more than 35 models available in inventory) and all the accessories to enjoy your passion.

In addition, we guarantee the best price.