Gift ideas for wine enthusiast and more!

Gift ideas for wine enthusiast and more!

Great gift selection for the wine enthusiast !


Zalto Universal Glass

Brand: Zalto

Save 25$ when you buy the box of 6! The Zalto Denk'Art Universal glass is recommended for full-bodied to powerful wines, which are expressive but also show minerality and smooth character. Accentuates complexity and finesse. Especially…

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Nez du Vin 54 aromas

Le Nez du Vin is The reference work by Jean Lenoir for training your sense of smell. Set in a sophisticated red case, 54 superb quality aromas come to life in your scent memory for…

Coravin Model Two Wine System (2 Capsules included)

Brand: Coravin

New! Coravin Model Two The Coravin™ Model Two is Coravin’s most intuitive wine system that gives you the freedom to pour and enjoy a glass of wine from any bottle at any time. Model Two…

Riedel Ouverture glass – Red wine

Brand: Riedel

THE glass to have in every home. Universal, it can be used for white & red wine. Lead free Crystal, machine-blown.

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Aromabar 24 aromas – Red wine and white wine

Brand: Aromabar

AROMABAR OF RED WINE AND WHITE WINE The Aromabar of Wine Scents includes 24 of the most important fragrances to be found in wine. Fruity aromas such as plum and black currant, vegetal aromas such…

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Berkel Wenge champagne sabre

Brand: Berkel

Berkel Wenge champagne Sabre. This corsair type sabre is the result of the passion and tradition of Berkel. Pursuing the perfect shape provides innovative products, when history and tradition combine with research and change. Wenge wood handle.

Riedel Decanter – Black Tie

Brand: Riedel

Among the newly released items in 2009, the Black Tie decanter is mouth-blown and made from premium quality lead crystal; a unique creation signed Riedel.

Baltaz Dark Lever Corkscrew – Peugeot

Brand: Peugeot

Performance and ease of use inspired the creation of Peugeot's new Baltaz cork extractor, constructed of strong, yet lightweight synthetic materials – thoughtfully designed, ergonomic – easily on all material of corks.

Riedel Veritas glass – Cabernet/Merlot

Brand: Riedel

Veritas Cabernet glass by Riedel. Lead Crystal, machine-blown. You can also use this glass for : Bordeaux(rouge), Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot. The new Veritas Series by Riedel is spectacular. This machine-made lead crystal collection 15% taller than the…

The Durand Corkscrew

Brand: Durand

A wine collector, known for outstanding vertical tastings, and having struggled with difficulties in extracting some older and fragile corks, developed and produced the Durand. The Durand is a fully patented, and surprisingly simple, two…

Wall mounted Corkscrew

Brand: Boj

Wall-mounted corkscrew with shiny chrome finish. Created by David Olañeta in 1954. This product’s functional mastery is boosted by its ability to form part of both domestic and professional environments. It has the constructive strength,…

Le Nez du Whisky

Le Nez du Whisky ® contains a collection of 54 aromas to smell accompanied by a book. This work is directed at professionals as well as connoisseurs eager to deepen their knowledge. 54 aromas make up the…

Wine Cellar 28 bottles Black by Vinum

Brand: Vinum

Wine Cellar 28 bottles by Vinum Our desire to offer the best price quality Wine Cellar is the very beginning of the Vinum wine cellar brand. We designed with special care this compact range of…

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Tartan Champagne and wine cooler – Gouté! design

Brand: Gouté

From room temperature to chilled in minutes and keeps the contents cool for hours. Keep it in the freezer and forget chilling drinks in the fridge. Fits most champagne bottles.

Aubrac cow horn corkscrew – Forge de Laguiole

Sommeliers Corkscrew made by hand by the craftsmen at Forge de Laguiole. Handle in horn from Aubrac cows, shiny stainless steel finish. Comes with a black leather pouch. Availability can vary online and in store.…

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Zalto Axium Decanter

Brand: Zalto

For red wines or full-bodied whites. Handcrafted Lead-free crystal Dishwasher safe Made in Austria

Transtherm Loft Vintage 74 bottles Wine Cellar

Brand: Transtherm

Fully made in France, Transtherm’s Prestige range ensure optimal conditions for maturing your wine. A competitively priced product, synonymous with reliability and quality. LOFT VINTAGE WINE CABINET - Capacity : 74 bottles* - Single temperature…

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Wine cellar 60 bottles by Vinum

Brand: Vinum

PRESALE PRICE - ARRIVAL NOVEMBER 2018. Contact us for more details. Wine Cellar 60 bottles by Vinum Our desire to offer the best price quality Wine Cellar is the very beginning of the Vinum wine…

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