Gift ideas for Scotch & Whisky lovers

Gift ideas for Scotch & Whisky lovers

A great selection of products for the scotch and whisky connoisseurs.


Set of FIRE spirits decanter and 2 glasses – Riedel Bar

Brand: Riedel

Set of spirits decanter and 2 glasses from the FIRE collection by Riedel. The decorated, heavy based machine-made tumbler of the stylish, yet subtly nostalgic glass collection RIEDEL Bar are inspired by the glamorous Art Nouveau period…

Carrying Case for Glencairn glasses – Vinum

Brand: Vinum

Vinum presents the official Whisky tasting carrying case! This case enables you to carry with your most important spirit-tasting tool, the Glencairn glass! This case was created for amateurs of great spirits and tasting. By…

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Set of 2 Whisky glasses – LSA

Brand: LSA

With heavy and sturdy bases, the LSA bar range is designed for everyday and refined use. Handcrafted in Poland with a slim tapered silhouette, this is a great contemporary glassware for a home bar or…

12 aromas of Whisky – Aromabar

Brand: Aromabar

AROMABAR OF WHISKY With the whisky AROMABAR, whisky friends and professionals learn to know the flavors such as peach, leather, cedar, or smoke and as well 8 more main flavors of whisky.

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Whisky water trio – Uisge Source

Single Malt Scotch Whisky is a truly unique spirit. Its infinite complexity of flavours and aromas deserves to be appreciated. Professional tasters and whisky experts recommend the addition of pure, fresh spring water. Adding water…

Whisky Roulette glass no. 3 – Shtox

Brand: Shtox

This one-of-a-kind glass can rotate on the table. At first sight the idea that a glass can rotate seems unbeleivable and difficult for understanding. But in fact this phenomenon is as simple and obvious as…

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Shu Fa Whisky Set – Nachtmann

Brand: Nachtmann

Shu Fa features Longdrink and Whisky glasses in a modern design, inspired by the gentle, yet strong, calligraphic ink paintings of Chinese mountain rock landscapes. Carafe Size: 257 mm Capacity: 750 ml Diameter: 91 mm…

Spey Whisky glass – Riedel

Brand: Riedel

Spey whisky glass by Riedel. Riedel Bar presents perfect, ‘must have’ glasses for all cocktails and spirits lovers.

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Vinum Single Malt whisky glass – Riedel

Brand: Riedel

Single Malt Whisky glass from the Vinum collection, by Riedel. Machine blown, 24% lead crystal.

Chilling stones – Gouté

Brand: Gouté

Made from 100% natural stone, these chilling stones will cool your favorite whiskey, vodka, gin  without diluting its flavour. Set of 9 stones, storage bag included.

Willsberger whisky glass – Spiegelau

Brand: Spiegelau

Whisky glass from the Willsberger series. 24% lead crystal. This series is characterized by perfectly crafted. For that special occasion a successful feast for the eyes.

Quadro Whisky Decanter – Bohemia

Brand: Bohemia

Quadro whisky decanter by Bohemia. Made in crystal glass, with a great transparency.

Whisky tasting Glass – Glencairn

Brand: Glencairn

Glencairn whisky tasting glass. Inspired by the traditional nosing glasses of master blenders, the Glencairn glass finally offers whisky aficionados a real glass for whisky.The robust base is easy on the hand while the wide…

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Le Nez du Whisky

Le Nez du Whisky ® contains a collection of 54 aromas to smell accompanied by a book. This work is directed at professionals as well as connoisseurs eager to deepen their knowledge. 54 aromas make up the…