Gift ideas for Scotch & Whisky lovers

Gift ideas for Scotch & Whisky lovers

A great selection of products for the scotch and whisky connoisseurs.


Set of FIRE spirits decanter and 2 glasses – Riedel Bar

Brand: Riedel

Set of spirits decanter and 2 glasses from the FIRE collection by Riedel. The decorated, heavy based machine-made tumbler of the stylish, yet subtly nostalgic glass collection RIEDEL Bar are inspired by the glamorous Art Nouveau period…

Carrying Case for Glencairn glasses – Vinum

Brand: Vinum

Vinum presents the official Whisky tasting carrying case! This case enables you to carry with your most important spirit-tasting tool, the Glencairn glass! This case was created for amateurs of great spirits and tasting. By…

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Set of 2 Whisky glasses – LSA

Brand: LSA

With heavy and sturdy bases, the LSA bar range is designed for everyday and refined use. Handcrafted in Poland with a slim tapered silhouette, this is a great contemporary glassware for a home bar or…

12 aromas of Whisky – Aromabar

Brand: Aromabar

AROMABAR OF WHISKY With the whisky AROMABAR, whisky friends and professionals learn to know the flavors such as peach, leather, cedar, or smoke and as well 8 more main flavors of whisky.

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Whisky Roulette Glass no. 7 – Shtox

Brand: Shtox

This unique in its kind glass can rotate on the table. At first sight the idea that a glass can rotate seems unbeleivable and difficult for understanding. But in fact this phenomenon is as simple…

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Shu Fa Whisky Set – Nachtmann

Brand: Nachtmann

Shu Fa features Longdrink and Whisky glasses in a modern design, inspired by the gentle, yet strong, calligraphic ink paintings of Chinese mountain rock landscapes. Carafe Size: 257 mm Capacity: 750 ml Diameter: 91 mm…

Spey Whisky glass – Riedel

Brand: Riedel

Spey whisky glass by Riedel. Riedel Bar presents perfect, ‘must have’ glasses for all cocktails and spirits lovers.

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Vinum Single Malt whisky glass – Riedel

Brand: Riedel

Single Malt Whisky glass from the Vinum collection, by Riedel. Machine blown, 24% lead crystal.

Chilling stones – Gouté

Brand: Gouté

Made from 100% natural stone, these chilling stones will cool your favorite whiskey, vodka, gin  without diluting its flavour. Set of 9 stones, storage bag included.

Willsberger whisky glass – Spiegelau

Brand: Spiegelau

Whisky glass from the Willsberger series. 24% lead crystal. This series is characterized by perfectly crafted. For that special occasion a successful feast for the eyes.

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Quadro Whisky Decanter – Bohemia

Brand: Bohemia

Quadro whisky decanter by Bohemia. Made in crystal glass, with a great transparency.

Whisky tasting Glass – Glencairn

Brand: Glencairn

Glencairn whisky tasting glass. Inspired by the traditional nosing glasses of master blenders, the Glencairn glass finally offers whisky aficionados a real glass for whisky.The robust base is easy on the hand while the wide…

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Le Nez du Whisky

Le Nez du Whisky ® contains a collection of 54 aromas to smell accompanied by a book. This work is directed at professionals as well as connoisseurs eager to deepen their knowledge. 54 aromas make up the…

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