Gifts ideas Made in Quebec

Gifts ideas Made in Quebec

Here is a selection of products made in Quebec!


Quebec’s tonic syrup – Monsieur Cocktail

Sea buckthorn is a small boreal fruit with a bright orange color. It brings out the flavors of your favorite gin, and its acidity replaces citrus. The floral and bitter finally is brought by Labrador…

Sweet Clover extract – Gourmet Sauvage

This sweet clover extract is the equivalent of a boreal vanilla! Created from tiny sweet clover flowers carefully sorted, this handcrafted extract from Gourmet Sauvage offers complex notes of vanilla, almonds and fresh hay. The…

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Keto Syrup – Monsieur Cocktail

Result of hard work to offer a versatile product for all those who wish to reduce their daily sugar intake while enjoying a delicious balanced cocktail. True to Monsieur Cocktail's philosophy of using only natural products…

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Frontenac Bottle Rack Kit N° 11 – LVG

* The availability of this product is subject to change. Contact us to know about order delays. Frontenac kit n° 11 including several wine racks from La Vieille Garde. Made of aluminum, it is the…

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Ginger Ale syrup – 3/4 oz

Brand: 3/4 oz

Handmade in Montreal, with all natural ingredients, Ginger Ale is a syrup concentrate that is to be mixed with sparkling water. A bottle makes up to 25 drinks! Spicier than a ginger ale, less sweet…

1976 coffee – Touché

Brand: Touché

1976 coffee by Touché, roasted in Montreal, organic and fair trade certified. In 1976, athletes from all over the world landed in Montreal. By their exploits, they raise the bar of excellence, ignite the metropolis…

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Syrups Trio #4 – Les Charlatans

Trio of syrups by Les Charlatans. Made in Montreal. Contains the following flavors : Ginger syrup, Tarragon & Cucumber Tonic, Orange & Rosemary 3 x 60 ml. Les Charlatans is a montreal-based maker of natural…

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