Made in Quebec

Made in Quebec

Here is a selection of products made in Quebec!


1976 coffee – Touché

Brand: Touché

The Touché coffees are roasted in Montreal, for an optimal quality and freshness! Many different blends available.

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Quebec’s tonic syrup – Monsieur Cocktail

This Quebec tonic syrup highlights sea buckthorn, a small acidic berry cultivated in St-Ferréol-les-Neiges! Monsieur Cocktail's syrups are made in Quebec City from natural ingredients, with no aromas, concentrated or preserving agents.


Set of Gabbro whisky stones – Lithologie

Brand: Lithologie

These Whisky stones are made from Gabbro, a 2,5 billion year old stone from Chibougameau! Lithologie developped their whisky stone sets relying on a local and durable fabrication.

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Arbor bitters – Sombre & Amer

The only bitters made in Montreal, by Sombre&Amer! This one will go perfectly with a boreal gin and a local tonic syrup, for the ultimate Quebecer Gin&Tonic.


Zig-Zag Cutting board – Arbol

Brand: Arbol

This beautiful cutting board is made by the craftsmen at Arbol, in Kamouraska. Their creations are always developed with high standards of quality and durability, inspired by the surrounding nature.

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Handcrafted tonic syrup – 3/4 oz

Brand: 3/4 oz

The most popular tonic syrup! From a young Montreal-based business, their syrups are always made in high quality small batches.