Gifts Ideas under 250$

Gifts Ideas under 250$

Vinum's team has selected some great gifts ideas to spoil your love ones.


Le Nez du Bourbon and American Whiskey 12 aromas

Follow your nose and take a trip to the land of American whiskeys including bourbon, the best-known of them all.   Twelve small bottles encapsulate the main aromatic notes of America's iconic spirit:   1…

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Sparkling Wine Preserver (Argon/CO2 gas cartridge) – Zzysh

Brand: Zzysh

ZZYSH® ARGON/CO2 SPARKLING WINE PRESERVER. ENJOY A GLASS, AGAIN AND AGAIN.   Highly effective Sparkling Wine Preserver that preserves natural flavour and fizz for weeks. Using 100% food-grade argon/CO2 gas cartridges, zzysh Sparkling Wine pressurizes…

Set of 2 Champagne Glasses Moya- LSA

Brand: LSA

Set of two mouth-blown champagne flutes with fine bowls which taper towards thick, flared stems. Available in two colors: Clear or Rosé   Mouth-blown glass Fine bowls Thick, solid glass stems   Dimensions Capacity: 170ml…

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Decanting set – Decantus

Brand: Decantus

A must-have for wine enthusiasts. This 5-Piece decanting system includes the Decantus Classic aerator & base, velvet storage pouch, sediment screen, and cleaning brush. *bottle not inlcuded

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30-bottle wine rack Cherry – Final Touch

Steel crossed frame on front and back locks into wood Wine rack is very sturdy; keeps its shape and will not wobble Set is easy to expand vertically or horizontally using optional rack connectors and…

Wine Preserver (Argon gas cartridge) – Zzysh

Brand: Zzysh

ZZYSH® WINE PRESERVER – SWISS INNOVATION. Have you ever wanted to be free to enjoy a glass of wine without worrying about the rest of the bottle? Or be free to open all the wines…

Pollux decanter – Schott Zwiesel

Pollux decanter by Schott Zwiesel. This hand-blown decanter is made with titanium crystal to offer superior resistance. Its hollow and striated bottom allows an optimal grip. The Pollux decanter benefits from "Drop protect" technology, which…

Set of 4 Beer Glasses 400ml- LSA

Brand: LSA

Set of four tall beer glasses, mouth blown by skilled glassblowers. The curved shape tapers towards a thick, solid glass base and is designed to hold a small bottle of beer with frothy head. Mouth-blown…

Origine Prestige Corkscrew – Black horn – Ligne W

Brand: Ligne W

The Origine Prestige corkscrew from LIGNE W is beautifully crafted for a luxury, high end finish. Produced using the famous craftsmanship of Thiers in France, the ‘Origine Prestige’ is a piece that should be paired with…

Celebration decanter – Eisch

Brand: Eisch

Eisch Celebration decanter. Include the No Drip Effect©: Specially treated rim to inhibit wine drops from beading down the outside of the carafe. Lead-free crystal. Made in Germany

Model Timeless 3SL Wine System – Coravin

Brand: Coravin

DESCRIPTION The Coravin Model Three is Coravin’s most intuitive wine system that gives you the freedom to pour and enjoy a glass of wine from any bottle at any time. Model Three is the best-in-class…

Wall mounted wine rack 36 bottles (12×3) – Vintage View

48″ high wall mounted wine rack, triple depth. 36 bottle capacity 12 rows 3 bottles deep Metal Available in black, platinum, black chrome or chrome. *Prices vary according to the color.

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Set of 2 StandArt Wine Glasses – Gabriel-Glas

NEW ARRIVAL AT VINUM DESIGN Simplify life with the “One for All” wine glass! Ideal for every type of wine and made of lead-free crystal, each StandArt glass is molded as one piece, seamless, with…

Elite Breathalyzer APC-80 – Alcootest Qc

Whether you're a responsible host, a good friend or an engaged parent, the Elite breathalyzer is a must-have lower-cost breathalyzer that features fuel-cell technology. This breathalyzer gives you peace of mind and allows you to…

Aromabar 12 aromas – Oak barrel

Brand: Aromabar

AROMABAR OF OAKED WINE SCENTS The small oak barrel helps red wine, as well as some white wines, to develop additional aromas and tannins. It makes the wines more complex and tenable. The aromas that…

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Briar folding knife – Forge de Laguiole

11 cm folding knife made by hand by the craftsmen at Forge de Laguiole. Handle in horn tip, brass bolsters.  Availability can vary. Please contact us to confirm the models in stock. The logo is exclusive and…

NU gold jigger – Yukiwa

Brand: Yukiwa

NU 24K gold jigger. Available in shiny or matte finish. Made in Japan by Yukiwa. 1 oz and 1.6 oz.

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