Gifts Ideas over 100$+

Gifts Ideas over 100$+

Vinum's team has selected some great gifts ideas to spoil your love ones.


Set of 6 knives in olive wood plinth – Berkel

Brand: Del Ben

6 knives, hand-made in Italy. The ergonomically designed handles made of olive wood are presented in a sleek Walnut modern block.

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Wine Cellar 28 bottles Black – Vinum

Brand: Vinum

Wine Cellar 28 bottles by Vinum   Our desire to offer the best price quality Wine Cellar is the very beginning of the Vinum wine cellar brand. We designed with special care this compact range…

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6 Ebony table knives – Forge de Laguiole

Set of 6 table knives, ebony handle, shiny stainless steel bolsters. Availability can vary online and in store. Please contact us to confirm the models in stock. The logo is exclusive and attests that the products…

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Model One Wine System – Coravin

Brand: Coravin

Introducing the Coravin Model One Wine System. You love a glass of wine in the evening, and now you don't need to worry about drinking the entire bottle or limiting yourself to one kind of…

Aromabar 60 aromas – Premium Edition

Brand: Aromabar

AROMABAR PREMIUM EDITION From a wine lover to a tasting professional - the AROMABAR Premium Edition makes this possible. Which wine enthusiast doesn´t desire to have fun increasing his or her knowledge of wine? For…

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Wall mounted corkscrew Chrome – BOJ

Brand: Boj

Wall-mounted corkscrew with shiny chrome finish. Created by David Olañeta in 1954. This product’s functional mastery is boosted by its ability to form part of both domestic and professional environments. It has the constructive strength,…

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Anna Espresso coffee machine – Lelit

Brand: Lelit

Built with superior components and materials for professional equipments, LELIT's machines and accessories, designed and made in Italy, are now available to Canadians. These highly precise and simple-to-use machines allows fans to enjoy their coffee…

Amadeo Decanter – Riedel

Brand: Riedel

Lead crystal, mouth blown, handmade decanter. The Amadeo decanter was launched in 2006 to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Riedel as well the well-known composer Amadeus Mozart. RIEDEL whole-heartedly believes all wines - young and…

Oak wood Champagne sabre – Claude Dozorme

Champagne sabre with corsair-style steel handle and a steel blade. Presented on a laminated oak wood stand. Under the Empire, it is customary to break the neck of the bottle with a sabre to celebrate…

Gold plated Cobbler shaker – Yukiwa

Brand: Yukiwa

24K gold plated Cobbler shaker. Available in shiny or matt finish. Made in Japan by Yukiwa. Capacity of 500 ml.

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