Gifts ideas for Christmas stocking

The Vinum team has selected gift ideas for your Christmas stocking.


Perfect Glass microfiber cloth – Vinum

Brand: Vinum

Vinum’s Perfect Glass microfibre polishing cloth is the perfect tool to dry and shine your glasses and decanters. Its black color avoids visible stain on the cloth and gives it a modern look. Up to…

Disposable alcohol test – Alcootest Qc

Disposable breathalyzer Fast, effective, accurate. FDA approved, ISO 9001 certified.  

VinOair Wine Aerator – Corkpops

Brand: Corkpops

Ingeniously constructed for optimum convenience, this on-bottle wine aerator does everything you need it to: it allows perfect pouring, eliminates drips and completely aerates and oxidizes your wine for maximum aroma and quality. Thanks to…

Anti-drop set 3 – Pulltex

Brand: Pulltex

No more stains on tablecloths. Placed in the neck, the pourer cuts the drop for impeccable service. Neck locking system prevents it from slipping inside the bottle. Reusable. Rinse with clean water. Sold in packs…

Vacuum Wine Saver – Vacuvin

Brand: Vacuvin

The Vacuvin Wine Saver is a vacuum pump, which extracts the air from the opened bottle and re-seals it with a re-usable rubber stopper. Place the re-usable stopper in the bottle and extract the air…

Red wine stain remover emergency kit – Wine Away

Brand: Wine Away

🍷 EFFECTIVE: Makes tough and stubborn stains disappear such as red wine, blood, ink, and even pet stains. It removes the most common stains from fabric, upholstery and carpets. You will surely be amazed as…

Cleaning Beads – Vinum

Brand: Vinum

Stainless steel cleaning beads for your decanters. *decanter not included

Champagne stopper – Italesse

Brand: Italesse

Champagne stopper with a clip that attaches right below the bottle cork for a secure fit. Preserves the bubbles for days.

Cleaning Brush for wine glasses

Flexible, easy to use and to clean, these brushes are a must have for any kitchen or bar. They are also great for cleaning a variety of other items such as Vases, Baby Bottles, Tall…

Copper Cocktail picks – Viski

Brand: Viski

Set of 6 copper picks, by Viski. Pick your poison. Each cocktail pick in this classic set of six is finished with a small steel ring, ideal for propping an olive in your martini or…

Tartan Gotaps Corkscrew – Gouté!

Brand: Gotaps

Uncorking is effortless thanks to the superior double-hinged design and non-stick worm of the Gotaps Double-Hinged Corkscrew. Complete with an integrated bottle opener and serrated foil cutter, it’s our most iconic wine opener. Double-hinged 5-turn…

3 Stoppers – Gouté

Brand: Gouté

3 stoppers to cap your bottles after they have been opened.

Drying mat – Final Touch

Design maximizes airflow and drainage to dry items faster Large enough for 6-8 red wine glasses or 8 to 12 white wine glasses (depends on the size) Can also be used as a trivet; heat…

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Teardrop barspoon Stainless steel

Stainless steel barspoon, in a teardrop shape. Lightly weighted for an easy stir. 33 cm.

Stepped Jigger- Barfly

Brand: Barfly

A single piece body offers amazing durability combined with accurate measurement for a great bar tool.   Measurements in ½ oz./15 ml increments up to 2 oz./60 ml. External measurement markings on both sides. Flared…

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Cap-cut LUX- BOJ

Brand: Boj

Simple design with the maximum effectivity to cut the foil of the wine bottles. It has 3 blades so that you don’t even need to turn it around. Standard Neck Wine Bottles. Available in different…

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Icebag – Vinum

Brand: Vinum

Ice bag with different colors. Keep your wine cold wherever you go ! *bag only

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2” ice balls (4)- Final Touch

4 multi-coloured ice moulds. Make large 2” ice balls perfect for cocktails, sodas & juices! You can also be creative and freeze ice balls with ingredients inside such as fruit pieces or food colouring. Perfect…

Wine cooler Silver- Vacuvin

Brand: Vacuvin

Keeps your bottle cool for hours. Keep it in the freezer and forget chilling drinks in the fridge. Fits most wine bottles.

Gold cocktail muddler – Potion House

Stainless steel cocktail muddler, with a gold finish. Acrylic head of 4,3 cm (width). Ideal for muddling fresh fruits, herbs and sugar cubes. 22 cm (length). Handwash only.