Gift ideas for non-alcoholic cocktails

Gift ideas for non-alcoholic cocktails

Your Vinum Team is always browsing for new trends in glasses, cellars... and cocktails! Less is more in 2019 and moderation is in! Our team put together a list of musts for your non-alcoholic cocktails in 2019.


Spiced 94 non-alcoholic spirits – Seedlip

Brand: Seedlip

Spice 94 is one of three non-alcoholic spirits from the Seedlip brand, which is becoming a must for cocktails and mocktails lovers.

Distilled the same way a gin would be, these spirits will charm you with their freshness, their finesse and their very well developped aromas.

Mix them with your favorite syrups or with sparkling water for amazing cocktails!

See also : Seedlip Grove 42 & Seedlip Garden 108


Love Tonic Syrup – Monsieur Cocktail

February being the month of love, our Vinum Team suggests to try Love Tonic from Monsieur Cocktail.

With sparkling water or your favorite apple cider, create a refreshing cocktail... perfect for those three little words!

Monsieur Cocktail brand is made in Québec with natural ingredients, without any artificial coloring or aromas. To be discovered !


Orange bitters – Kinsip

Brand: Kinsip

Bitters are hip these days ! Use them on everything, these concentrated bitters will perfect every recipe, raise your signature cocktail to a new level.

Enhance your morning coffe with a few drops of this Orange Bitter - a classic!

Kinsip brand is worth taking a look, with its unique flavors and its natural aromas.

Handcrafted in Prince Edward County, Ontario.


Spritz syrup – 3/4 oz

Brand: 3/4 oz

Spritz is back on track and we are not giving it up!

¾ oz brand gives us the perfect Spritz syrup. A reminder of the best italian Aperitivo, it will mix well with a non-alcoholic sparkling wine or simply with a sparkling water for a fresh and bitter drink.


Hibiscus flowers in syrup – Wild Hibiscus

Brand: Vinum

These edible flowers will sparkle your cocktail with red. Put them at the bottom of your glass and pour just a bit of the syrup to colour your non-alcoholic sparkling wine or your water. Its berries flavors will complement any cocktail or dessert during the season of love.

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Whisky barrel aged maple syrup – Kinsip

Brand: Kinsip

With its barrel aged type, this syrup offers all the softness of the maple with the smokey notes of whiskey.
In your morning coffee for a maple syrup coffee or for a non-alcoholic old fashioned :

2 oz infused Oolong tea
1/2 oz Kinsip maple syrup
A few drops of you favorite orange bitter
Orange zest for decoration


L’Aventure de la Mixologie book by Patrice Plante

Just because we don't drink, doesn't mean we can't read about drinks!

The book L'Aventure de la Mixologie from mixologist Patrice Plante (L'Atelier, Mtl) is THE cocktail bible you want to have. Available in French only. It gives great tips about enhancing your cocktails and you even have recipes for syrups and other ingredients. To keep close to your kitchen or in your bar!


Spiced lemonade syrup – LEMO Lemonade

LEMO lemonade is the ideal ingredient for your winter grog, to keep warm whatever weather is out there. Either in a comforting mulled wine or as a refreshing summer lemonade, it's the best mix for all seasons.


Set of 4 Gin & Tonic glasses – Spiegelau

Brand: Spiegelau

A beautiful cocktail deserves a beautiful glass to be truly enjoyed. This Gin&Tonic kit from Spiegelau is the perfect marriage of aesthetism and quality. The stem gives it a height and helps the colors of your drink shimmer.


Yarai Mixing pitcher 400 ml and strainer – Final Touch

If you say cocktail, you say mixer ! As most of the suggested cocktails on this list are with sparkling water, no shaker needed !

Instead, you may want to use this great mixing glass with the Hawthorne strainer to keep out the ice.

With these bartender level tools, you'll be the King and Queen of your party.
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