Gift ideas for cocktails and mixology lovers

Gift ideas for cocktails and mixology lovers

Gift ideas for cocktails and mixology lovers.


Bar Set – Crafthouse

Brand: Fortessa

The perfect set for creating great shaken drinks includes: 2-piece Boston Shaker - the bartender’s choice for “waking up” your spirits 2oz Jigger - the beak-shaped spout makes for precision pouring Muddler – the rich…

Gold plated Cobbler shaker – Yukiwa

Brand: Yukiwa

24K gold plated Cobbler shaker. Available in shiny or matt finish. Made in Japan by Yukiwa. Capacity of 500 ml.

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Boston shaker – Crafthouse

Brand: Fortessa

Two piece shakers, like this one, are preferred by professional bartenders. Designed to seal tightly to avoid spills, this shaker also features a ribbed design which improves your grip and marks common drink measurements. The…

Tonic syrup – Panache

The Panache tonic syrup is a concentrated tonic, handmade in small batches. It is produced by a slow and warm maceration, which fully enables the relase of the aromas from the spices, herbs, citrus zest…

Yarai Mixing glass

Brand: Viski

Designed and sized for expert bartending, the 500 milliliter professional grade mixing glass accommodates one or two drinks and works smoothly in allegiance with our professional bar spoons and strainers. Features a thickset base, precision…

L’Aventure de la Mixologie book by Patrice Plante

French version of THE cocktail bible written by the renown bar chef, Patrice Plante and whose preface is signed by none other than François Chartier!  Everything you always dreamed to know about mixology, cocktails and…

House aromatic bitters – Kinsip

Brand: Kinsip

House aromatic bitters by Kinsip distillery. 100 ml bottle. Hand crafted in Prince Edward County, Ontario, each batch of Kinsip bitters is made with all natural ingredients. Add a few drops to your favourite cocktail…

Gold plated 31.5cm Trident spoon

Brand: Yukiwa

24 carats gold plated ‘Trident’ bar spoon. Made in Japan by Yukiwa. 31.5 cm.

King ice cube tray – Tovolo

Brand: Tovolo

Entertain in style and sophistication. Giant 2-inch square cubes make a statement and are perfect for any type of cold drink. The extra large cubes melt slower, keeping drinks cold longer with less dilution.  For…

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Lem-Marrakech bitters – Bittered Sling

Lem-Marrakech bitters by Bittered Sling. 120 ml bottle. The Lem-Marrakech bitters take you on a powerful flavour  journey through the smoky-sweet medina of Marrakech, Morocco. Bright lemon zest,  nutty, floral notes of coriander seed, fiery cinnamon and…

Chile & Tonka syrup – Les Charlatans

Chile & Tonka syrup by Les Charlatans. Made in Montreal. 235 ml. Les Charlatans is a montreal-based maker of natural syrups, no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours. RECIPES (Les Charlatans) Arbol Negrita 1 1/2 oz…

‘Adventurous’ Syrup set – Monsieur Cocktail

Dans les petits pots, les meilleurs onguents. Ici, on amorce une aventure incroyable dans le monde des saveurs. Ce coffret vous fera découvrir la vraie grenadine, que vous voudrez ajouter à toutes vos recettes préférées. Un vrai…

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Bitters – Jack Rudy

With burnt cane sugar syrup as a base, this bitters presents complex and nuanced notes of citrus, winter spices, and bittering agents to create a product with many uses. Use it to revisit your favorite classic cocktails…

Bitters (amer) Fût de whisky – Fee Brothers

Fee Brothers Whisky barrel bitters. 150ml bottle. A family business since 1864, Fee Brothers’ reputation is now firmly established. Going beyond professionnal mixology, cocktail lovers will appreciate these perfect flavor enhancers that add another dimension to your…

Cocktail kit – Urban Bar

Brand: Urban Bar

The Urban Bar cocktail kit is perfect for cocktails amateurs wanting must-have products to create classics and originals cocktails. Included: 2-piece Boston Shaker: 1 part Stainless Steel, 1 part glass Bar spoon Hawthorne Strainer –…