Christmas stockings gift ideas

Christmas stockings gift ideas

Tartan Gotaps Corkscrew

Brand: Gotaps

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Uncorking is effortless thanks to the superior double-hinged design and non-stick worm of the Gotaps Double-Hinged Corkscrew. Complete with an integrated bottle opener and serrated foil cutter, it’s our most iconic wine opener. Double-hinged 5-turn…

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Tartan Champagne and wine cooler – Gouté! design

From room temperature to chilled in minutes and keeps the contents cool for hours. Keep it in the freezer and forget chilling drinks in the fridge. Fits most champagne bottles.

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Polishing cloth

Brand: Vinum

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Vinum’s microfibre polishing cloth is the perfect tool to dry and shine your glasses and decanters. It removes every stain to leave only the brilliance! Size: 17.5'' x 28.25'', 45cm x 72cm.

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Glass Identifiers / Coasters

Brand: Panoplie

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GLUK coasters / glass identifiers are made in Quebec. Set of 12 attractive colours. *glass not included

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100 wine tags and 1 marker pen

These tags and their marker allow you to identify your bottles in your wine cellar.

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AntiOx stopper

AntiOx stopper (without rotative dated ring) The AntiOx Stopper is provided with a device in its inner part including a patented revolutionary system of avoiding the oxidation of the wine inside the bottle. Once a…

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Trio of wine glass writers

Brand: Vinum

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Trio of wine glass writers, metallic gold, emerald green and silver. Stays on for life of party Washes off with soapy sponge Dries in 1-3 min Non-toxic For all glass and glazed ceramics

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Box of 4 red wine Polymer glasses – Govino

Brand: GoVino

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Govino is the tumbler that “goes anywhere” glass cannot not – to the patio, beach, picnic, around the pool and into luggage. The elegant tulip-shaped stemless glass is shatterproof, reusable and recyclable.  Made of a food…

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Stainless Steel Icecubes

Brand: Gouté

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Chill without diluting with this set of 6 stainless steel cubes. Keep your chilling cude Inside your freezer. Add these in your drink and swirl delicatly. Your dring will be chill in a minute without…

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Creative flavours bitters gift pack – Bittered Sling

Brand: Bittered Sling

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The Creative Flavours bitters Gift Pack by Bittered Sling — which contains six 30-mL bottles of aromatic bitters — makes way for our exciting creative flavours. The Creative Flavours gift pack includes the following flavours: Clingstone peach…

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Decorative stopper

Modern decorative stopper. Adapted to all wine standard bottles.

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Chilling stones

Brand: Gouté

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Made from 100% natural stone, frozen the ‘rocks’  will chill your favorite whisky, vodka, gin  without diluting its flavour. Set of 9 stones, storage bag included.

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Wine glass identifiers

Brand: Pulltex

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Made of silicone, 10 pcs of glass identifiers in different colours. It is suitable for appetizers, cocktails, wine tastings or events where the glasses are easily mixed up. Presented on a plastic bar that can be stored…

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Glint round flask – True

Brand: True

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Glint™ is a timeless circular hip flask. With it's slim design and high quality Stainless steel construction, this classic flask is sure to become a mainstay. With its minimal design, this item is ideal for…

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Rewined Sauvignon blanc candle

Brand: Rewined

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A crisp and refreshing white varietal delivers clean herbal notes of basil and mint, followed by freshly mown grass and a hint of tart grapefruit. 11 oz / 80 Hour Burn Time Premium Natural Soy…

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Quebec’s tonic syrup – Monsieur Cocktail

Sea-buckthorn is a small boreal fruit with a bright orange color. It brings out the flavors of your favorite gin, and its acidity replaces citrus. The florale and bitter finally is brought by Labrador tea.…

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Ventar Wine pourer – aerator

The blomus Wine Pourer with Aerator also works as a filter with a screen that helps to aerate the wine as it is being poured. Stainless steel body with plastic filter and rubber stem to fit securely in…

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Star champagne bottle opener

Always keep a good grip on the cork when opening a bottle of champagne with the Champagne Opener. Twist the bottle instead of the cork for quiet opening. 4-pronged design loosens cork with a simple twisting…

Cocktail muddler-straw – Set of 6

Brand: Mastrad

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Cocktail muddler-straw : 3-in-1 : for grinding, stirring, and sipping! Clever design :  a pestle for grinding ingredients (1), a swizzle stick for stirring (2), and a straw for drinking (3). Friendly : each guest…

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Stainless steel shaker. Perfect to create your own cocktail.

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Wine Cooler

What looks like an arctic front freezing its way through the center of your bottle is actually the innovative Corkcicle. This icicle is made of BPA-free plastic filled with a reusable freeze gel, so you…

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