Gift ideas for Champagne lovers


Berkel Wenge champagne sabre

Brand: Berkel

Berkel Wenge champagne Sabre. This corsair type sabre is the result of the passion and tradition of Berkel. Pursuing the perfect shape provides innovative products, when history and tradition combine with research and change. Wenge wood handle.

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Riedel Veritas – Champagne wine glass

Brand: Riedel

Veritas Champagne Wine glass by Riedel. Lead Crystal, machine-blown. You can also use this glass for : Cuvée Prestige, Sparkling wine, Blanc de Blancs. The new Veritas Series by Riedel is spectacular. This machine-made lead crystal collection 15% taller…

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Champagne bucket

Brand: Cuisinox

4.5L stainless steel champagne bucket.

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Champagne pliers

Brand: Del Ben

This tool has two functions: the shear can cut the muselet and the clamp can remove the cap effortlessly and safely. The handle is made of blond horn

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Champagne stopper

Brand: Cantina

Champagne/beer stopper.

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Ritz Champagne bucket

Brand: Riva

Ritz stainless steel Champagne bucket, by Riva. Created by the renowned industrial designer Rubens Simões, Riva makes culinary art and decoration pieces combining quality, style and elegance. Made in Brasil with the best materials, the results…

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