Gift ideas for beer lovers

Gift ideas for beer lovers

Teku beer glass – Rastal

Brand: Rastal

Showcased for the first time in 2010, the Teku glass by Rastal was very well received by the malting community. It was developed by the famous brewer Teo Musso in collaboration with Lorenzo Dabove, a…

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Craft Beer glasses Tasting kit Spiegelau

Brand: Spiegelau

CRAFT BEER GLASSES – TASTING APPROVED The Spiegelau Craft Beer Glasses have been approved by an expert tasting panel of master brewers and industry professionals. Focusing on beer enjoyment, members of the tasting workshop tested…

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Beer glass – Ritzenhoff THE NEXT 25 YEARS

Brand: Ritzenhoff

Beer glass from the Ritzenhoff The Next 25 years collection. 8 different designs available. Hand wash recommended. Made in Germany.

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Craftmaster beer glass – Rastal

Brand: Rastal

Rastal’s Craftmaster glass : especially designed to maximize the enjoyment of all senses while tasting beers. Its specific characteristics are le elegantly curved rim and conical shape that optimizes the tastebud appeal for perfect aroma, flavour…

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Barrel Aged Beer glass – Spiegelau

Brand: Spiegelau

Barrel aged beer glass from the Craft Beer glasses Collection by Spiegelau. The Spiegelau Barrel Aged Glass is the result of a two year development project in partnership with the brew masters of four of…

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BOJ beer bottle opener

Brand: Boj

Suitable for professional bartenders or home use. Top quality. Made of Stainless Steel. Well designed for portable carrying. Made in Spain. Founded in 1905, BOJ is the manufacturer.

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Masterbrew beer tasting flight

Brand: Masterbrew

Beer tasting flight by Masterbrew. Includes a set of 4 glasses + 1 wooden paddle. Appreciate the complex aromatic profile of craft beer with the MasterBrew Tasting Glasses. Glasses are dishwasher Safe. Hand wash Wooden…

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Wheat beer glass – Ritzenhoff THE NEXT 25 YEARS

Brand: Ritzenhoff

Wheat beer glass from the Ritzenhoff The Next 25 years collection. 6 designs available. Hand wash recommended. Made in Germany.

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Klara Beer glass

Brand: Bohemia

Klara Beer glass by Bohemia.

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Zalto Beer Glass

Brand: Zalto

Zalto stemware is famous for the way it brings out the best in every beverage. Doesn’t your beer deserve this kind of treatment as well? This is truly one of the finest glasses designed specifically…

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Stein beer glass – Spiegelau

Brand: Spiegelau

Old world charm meets modern functionality with the REFRESH BEER STEIN from Spiegelau. Inside each glass there is a molded ridge turbine that refreshes and recharges the beer's foam cap when the stein is swirled,…

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Beer bottle cooler

Brand: Vacuvin

Keeps your beer bottle cool for hours. Keep it in the freezer and forget chilling drinks in the fridge. Fits regular beer bottles.

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Beer glasses Tasting kit

Brand: Spiegelau

Made with Spiegelau’s trademark qualities of design excellence and durability, the Beer Classics collection combines function and aesthetics as a welcome departure from the awkward, clunky glasses that proliferate in the marketplace. This tasting kit…

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