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Have you ever wanted to be free to enjoy a glass of wine without worrying about the rest of the bottle? Or be free to open all the wines that you or your guests feel like drinking? Now you can! Enjoy as much as you like of your favorite wine while keeping the rest of the bottle’s natural taste for weeks after it is opened.

  • Highly effective wine preserver that keeps your wine from oxidizing and preserves its natural flavour and quality for weeks.
  • The 100% food-grade argon gas replaces the air in an opened bottle. Each cartridge can be used for up to eight applications.
  • Seal the wine bottle with the wine stopper, attach the hand piece and press down for 3-5 seconds.
  • A smart and compact Swiss design that allows you to enjoy wine by the glass while protecting the rest from oxidation.
  • A perfect gift for wine lovers: wine preserver,

The package includes the Sparkling Wine Preserver, one(1) argon/CO2 gas cartridge and one (1) black stopper.





Select one or more bottles that you’d like to taste. Zzysh® Wine Preserver’s multi-functionality and adaptability ensures optimal preservation of red, white and rose wines, even if it’s an older, more delicate wine.



After pouring, seal the opened bottle with the zzysh® Wine Stopper, which features an innovative sealing technology specially designed to work with nearly all types of wine bottles—including those initially sealed by natural, plastic or glass corks, as well as screw caps.



Let it zzysh®! Connect the hand piece to the zzysh® stopper and press down for 3-5 seconds before releasing. The bottle’s oxygen is now replaced with 100% food-grade argon gas, which is stored in the zzysh® Wine Cartridge inside the hand piece. Each cartridge can preserve up to eight opened wine bottles.



Say cheers! Your wine is perfectly protected from oxidation and should be stored upright, preferably in a refrigerator. Aroma, flavor, color and quality will be preserved for weeks. Enjoy the rest of the bottle whenever you want. Again and again.






Unlike vacuum pumps, the zzysh® Wine Preservation System works with an innovative Swiss sealing technology.

  1. It replaces the air in an opened bottle with 100% food-grade argon gas, which is the third most abundant gas in the earth’s atmosphere.
  2. Enveloped by this argon gas and shielded by the innovative zzysh® Wine Stopper, the wine is perfectly protected from oxidation. Due to the fact that argon is heavier than the replaced air and has no reaction with wine, the bottle’s aroma, flavor, color and quality are preserved for weeks.

Note: There is no vacuum created in the bottle.



The smart, compact and portable Swiss design combined with high-quality materials ensures a quick and easy daily usage. It takes just 3-5 seconds to reseal and preserve your wine perfectly and professionally.



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