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Single Malt Scotch Whisky is a truly unique spirit. Its infinite complexity of flavours and aromas deserves to be appreciated.

Professional tasters and whisky experts recommend the addition of pure, fresh spring water. Adding water will ‘open up’ your whisky, soften the alcohol prickle and allow it to breathe. New and subtle tastes and aromas will be revealed.

Trio of Uisge Source Whisky water. The set includes the following waters in 100 ml bottles :

  • HIGHLAND St-Colman’s well, Ross-Shire
    St Colman’s Well is close to some of Scotland’s leading Highland Distilleries. It’s water is hard and rich in minerals, typical of waters used by many Highland Distilleries.
  • SPEYSIDE The Cairngorms well, Moray

    The Cairngorms Well is one of Scotland’s highest natural mountain springs. Emerging from the catchment area of the River Spey, the well provides a soft water low in minerals, typical of the waters used by many Speyside Distilleries.
  • ISLAY The Ardilistry Spring, Islay
    From the Ardilistry Spring on Islay comes a water that has higher natural acidity thanks to filtration through the local peat, typical of the waters used by many Islay Distilleries.

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