Wall mounted Corkscrew Mat chrome

Model: 7035

Brand Boj

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Wall-mounted corkscrew with mat chrome finish.

Created by David Olañeta in 1954. This product’s functional mastery is boosted by its ability to form part of both domestic and professional environments. It has the constructive strength, no artifice, calmly and silently.

  • Exceptionally designed with professional quality in mind.
  • Easy to open wine bottles with efficiency.
  • Ideal for restaurants, wineries, bars, wine tasting rooms and to give a professional touch to home bars.
  • Made in Spain.
Weight 3 kg / 6.60 lb
Dimensions 10.8 x 11.43 x 60.96 cm (W x D x H)
4.25 x 4.50 x 24.00 inches (W x D x H)
Code 7035
Model Mat Chrome

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