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The VinOair Premier Wine Aerator is an on-the-bottle wine aerator that does it all. It features a gravity activated hinged cap, a removable sediment filter, and a sleek carrying case. The VinOair functions not only as a wine aerator but also as a pourer and a drip stopper. Using innovative technology, this product has a specially designed, dual venturi chamber that pulls twice the vacuum as the leading venturi-based aerators to more fully oxygenate your wine. Most wine aerators pull a 10-inch vacuum and the VinOair pulls a 20-inch vacuum.

The sleek, compact size makes for effortless portability. The ergonomic design of the VinOair allows the user to place it into the wine bottle where it is secured by the food grade rubber ring with an airtight seal. The aerator remains in the bottle so that with each pouring the wine is aerated without any drips when going from one glass to another! And the VinOair works with both red and white wines.

The wine aerator measures 7 inches long.

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