Vertical Privé Grand Cru flute – Italesse

Model: 9928

Brand Italesse

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The sparkling wine flute Privè Gran Cru has a rounded and sinuous silhouette with a deep picure at the base of the bowl that enhances perlage and its larger diameter allows for optimum oxygenation. The sparkling wine flute’s dimensions have been designed according to the demands of high-level horeca requirements that need large volumes for tastings.

Created in 1979, Italesse continually searches for new material, colours and ergonomic forms. Offered in more than 80 countries, Italesse offers a full range and exclusive articles which impress the most famous wineries. A strong business identity based on clear objectives and a bold and countertrend business strategy for premium articles, primarily destined to the medium-to-high-end market, is intertwined with a fundamental production concept – that of using form and function as the starting point for all research for groundbreaking materials, ground-breaking technologies and ergonomic shapes. Today, more than 30 years on, Italesse is still a benchmark for the most important and exclusive wine and champagne producers, restaurants, wine bars, hotels and clubs all over the world.

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330 cL


232 mm X 80 mm

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