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The Speedy corkscrew is made from truly fine materials: special alloys of aluminum and stainless steel, all hand polished and enhanced by a special protective treatment to obtain many brilliant, age resistant colours.

The Speedy corkscrew is characterized by an off-centre pin mounted on a swivel in the main body and hinged to the bottle lever. The combined movement between the main body, bottle lever and worm allow the length of the lever arm to be adjusted from the start and end of the lifting movement, thereby alowing the cork to be gently lifted from the bottle in a single action. Moreover, Speedy had a pocket knife with a special ergonomic design that allows to extract it and put it back with one hand.

The Artis products are born from the Italian brand Trasmissioni Buzzolan‘s technology and the designer Giuseppe Todeschini, joined together to create every day objects with personality and uniqueness. 

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Black, Gris perle, Red

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