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Set of Granulite whisky stones with a walnut case. This 2.5 billion years old stone was extracted in the Chibougamau are in Quebec, Canada. * Glass not included

Sets of 4 or 6 stones available.


This Gabbro stone is one of the oldest on the planet. It’s characterized by the salt and pepper esthetic with a predominance of black minerals.

The stones are transformed in Quebec. A certificat from the geologist of the chosen and approved stone is included.

The walnut case is made in Quebec, and is applied with 2 coats of a ‘Eco-selection’ food-grade natural oil  to protect the wood and enhance its noble character.


1- Rinse with water and/or a bit of soap before using.
2- Place them in the freezer for 30 minutes. Make sure the stones are completely dry before putting them back in the freezer.
3- Gently lay 2 or 3 stones at the bottom of a whisky glass. Then, pour 2 to 3 oz of your favorite brown spirit.
4- Enjoy the spirit without altering the taste!

Keep ou of reach of children.
Do not consume the stones.
Drink responsibly.
Stones are FDA approved.

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