Set of 3 Wine Glass Marker

Model: 10072

Brand Brilliant

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Always keep track of your wine glass! No need to worry how to identify your glasses anymore. The wine glass decorator by brilliant stays on for the entire party and washes off easily with a sponge or in the dishwasher. Besides wine glasses, they are also a great way to label glass and glazed ceramic serving platters or write directly on wine bottles. Forget about the jangling wine charms tangled in the drawer, and get a set of wine glass decorator instead.
Easily identify your glass at dinner parties, your guests will love them
Dries in 1-3 minutes
Will stay on for entire party
Suitable for all type of glass or ceramic surfaces
Chilled wines, write above for line
3 metallic colors: gold, silver and purple
Will wash off easily with soapy sponge or in the dishwasher

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