Plum & Rootbeer bitters – Bittered Sling

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Brand Bittered Sling

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A blend of barks and roots, with an inherently “hot” palate of warm spices, the Plum & Rootbeer bitters is among one of our best sellers. Bringing out the sweet and savoury notes of ingredients its paired with, even the simple execution of an old fashioned, a Mai Tai or a Tom Collins benefit from this aromatic bitters. A touch of prune plums round out the palate, and help give the bitters its balanced richness. The plums are proudly grown and harvested in BC.

Beverage recommendations : Cognac & brandy, world whiskies, Tequila & mezcal, oak-matured spirits, Chartreuse & bitter liqueurs, tiki cocktails, sherry & vermouths, hot chocolate.

Cooking recommendations : Meat & vegetable seasoning. Brines, marinades and sauces- a spice rack in a bottle! Replaces vanilla extract in baking and pastry recipes.



  • 1.50 oz Whisky
  • 0.50 oz Whisky à l’Érable
  • 0.50 oz Sherry Demi Sec
  • 0.25 oz Liqueur d’Abricot
  • 2 tirets de Prune & Racinette

Shake ingredients, then serve in a coupette glass, with a lemon zest. 

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